You can also read some useful information on how to safely organize an event via the “fiche pratique – Organiser son évènement en toute sécurité” (only available in French):

Student Association, Club or Partner (re-)recognition

You will find information on how to apply for (re-)recognition, as well as all the required paperwork on this link: (see the bottom of the page for the documents).

Please do also take into account the conditions for any new application and feel free to contact the OSL team with any questions! (


Event calendar/coordination

This Website also has a calendar function: please click on “submit an event” to add any events. This event publication has to be approved by the OSL. This does NOT mean the event has been approved by the university:

! Before planning any events, please read the FAQs on Security & Safety, Insurance and Room Reservation!

Presidents' Meeting - student associations

The Presidents’ Meetings are organized by the Office of Student Life (OSL) once a month during the semester. It is used to discuss current affairs between the associations and/or between the associations and the OSL.

All Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the officially recognized student associations are invited to attend; it is necessary to have one representative per association present during the meeting. Exceptionally, if neither the President nor the Vice-President can attend, a board member can attend instead. (2 people/association max during the meeting)

Room Reservation - General information

Please contact the OSL Team ( if you would like to book a room. Please inform us about:

– number of attendees

– date and hours (including preparation)

– preferred campus (and room if known)

– necessary logistics (e.g. projector, microphone, extra tables)

Please inform us as soon as possible. At least 1 week in advance.

For any rooms in the MAE, see the FAQs below.

Room Reservation - Chill-out Zone MAE

This zone is the zone on the first floor of the MAE: it can be used by all students at their convenience until 21:45. Please inform the OSL team if any larger gatherings are planned, so that we can warn the Security Department in case of a problem.

Room reservation - Student Lounge

Please contact the student association SAUL ( as well as the OSL when requesting the booking of the Student Lounge. You can already check our calendar on this website to check whether another event is already taking place at that time. Since the SAUL manages the Student Lounge, it is important to check the room availability and conditions of booking with them.

If your event is ending before 10 p.m., just be sure to inform the OSL, we will inform Security.

If your event is continuing after 10 p.m., you will need to have an authorization (Formulaire de demande d’autorisation pour un évènement (AOE)) beforehand. Please fill in this AOE and send it to the OSL (

Our Security Department is currently covering the costs for the extra guards after 10 p.m. in the Student Lounge.

If you wish to sell alcohol during an event in the Student Lounge, you will need an alcohol license for that event. There are two ways to do so: ask a brewery directly or ask a bar on the territory of Esch-sur-Alzette (if they are closed for the duration of your event, they can “lend” you their license).

Please contact the SAUL and OSL as soon as possible!

Do also read the Insurance and Safety and Security details before organizing an event. Add the event to the Calendar of this website to share information (see Event Calendar)

Room Reservation - MAE Grande Salle

To rent of the Grande Salle (MAE) has to be done very soon (at least a month in advance) since there are a lot of technical, logistical and safety issues to be considered. The room is managed by Fonds Belval and can be rented by other organizations as well, even if the student associations are prioritized in case of a simultaneous rental request.

Please fill in the Formulaire de demande d’autorisation pour un évènement (AOE) (AOE; = for the University) as well as the Formulaire évènement estudiantin – Fonds Belval (MAE) (= for Fonds Belval). Do also include a map of the MAE with the location of the stage and any further elements you will need.

! This room is managed directly by Fonds Belval (Exception: Student Lounge & Chill-Out zone). As of March 2020, all MAE room reservations and non-standard materials are subjected to costs for student events !

Also, be aware that the association has to hire a certified security team and pay for the incurring costs (read the Safety and Security manual for detailed information).

Please do also read the Insurance and Safety and Security details before organizing an event. Add the event to the Calendar of this website to share information (see Event Calendar)

Events - Esch-sur-Alzette permissions

The MAE is situated on the territory of the town of Esch-sur-Alzette. For this reason, their permissions are necessary in the following cases:

  1. Installations around the buildings: if, for the event you are organizing, you intend to add installations on the outside of the building i.e. in the public domain (e.g. barriers, a tent for the tickets), you will need the authorization of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette, so they can a.o. check the access for firetrucks and ambulances. Click on this link to find the page for the request.
  2. Food safety: if you intend to serve food at your events, you will need the proper authorizations:
    1. Outside Food Truck (any vehicle which sells food on public domain)
    2. Outside BBQ
  3. Authorization “Nuit Blanche”: if your event lasts after 1 a.m., you will require an authorization “Nuit Blanche“. Associations registered directly with the Esch administration can apply for 3 Nuits Blanches / year for free!
  4. Deliveries: if your event necessitates deliveries (e.g. food or audiovisual equipment) and the deliverers have to park in the pedestrian area for that time, you will need a permission (authorization between 9 and 11 a.m. not necessary). Follow this link for the permissions in pedestrian areas.
  5. Any further permissions: if you are unsure about any further points, do not hesitate the OSL Team!

–> the OSL will need a copy/scan of these permissions in order for the event to be accepted.

Safety and Security during events

For all events, the associations have to make sure, with the help of the University, that the event is safe at all times.

You will find the recommendations from our Safety and Security department during such events in this file:

Recommandations Safety Security pour évènements étudiants

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. This is an important matter!

Insurance for events

Important remark:

As students of the University of Luxembourg, you are covered by the civil liability (responsabilité civile) and by the CNS as individuals (since this is a prerequisite for the enrolment at the University).

However, you are not covered when organizing an event as an association. In that case, you should take out a civil liability insurance as an A.S.B.L. Upon request, the University can ask for a coverage proposal through its own insurance provider but the costs would then have to be taken over by the association.

It is not mandatory to take out such an insurance but for your own safety, we recommend you to take out a civil liability insurance if you intend to organize events as a student association.

Publicity - Advertising

There are several ways you can advertise your events.
As an officially recognized student association or club, you can contact the Office of Student Life Team ( for the following:

  • Note about the logos at the University
  1. Students Logo: can be used by all recognized student associations and clubs (see “documents” section in this website)
  2. OSL logo: has to be used if the event is sponsored or supported in any way by the University
  3. University logo: cannot be used without prior consent of the Communication Department
  • Reprography

This service includes everything for printing: posters, flyers etc. You can contact us and require the printing of such items (free of costs).

Please include the quantity and size (A4, A3, flyer etc.) of the printing materials you need. It might arrive quicker but we recommend you to order at least 5 days before you require the documents.

The printing materials will be delivered in the OSL office: you will be informed and can then come pick them up.

All events supported by the OSL / SEVE have to bear the OSL logo before printing.

  • Moodle Weekly post

The Moodle weekly post “Student Events this Week!” is based on this calendar: enter your event at the latest the Sunday before your event so it will be published on Monday. If you want an image with your publication, send it to

  • Facebook & Instagram OSL

The OSL manages a Facebook page: and an Instagram page:

We can publish your content on our page upon request. Either send us an e-mail ( or contact us via message directly over the Facebook page. Please be respectful of our privacy and do not contact our private accounts for these requests. We will also only react during office hours. We need the following for the publication:

– a short text

– a link (if not available on the link: a contact person/e-mail address)

– the date and/or time of the publication (we can program the timing)

– optional: an image

If you have created an event, you can add us as co-host, this will allow you to keep track of the statistics.

Offices associations MAE

The associations have accesses to offices in the MAE (1st floor).

Upon request, board members can receive accesses on their student cards to these offices; as well as the kitchenette and student associations storage room.

If you would like to give or remove accesses to a board member, please contact the OSL Team ( with the following information:

– first and last name

– e-mail address ( or

– association name

The accesses will be granted for the academic year (i.e. until the end of the summer term, mid-September).

Once the update has been confirmed by the OSL, please by using one of the terminals (see picture below): there should be one in every major building (e.g. MSA, entrance “administration”, behind the second glass door).

–> For those of you who have never had any accesses of the University on your card before, you will have to get your card activated beforehand. In order to do so, please go to the security desk (first floor of the MSA, entrance “administration”)

If there are any issues with the accesses, feel free to contact the OSL Team!

Changes to the Website

The webpage with information about the student associations, clubs and partners  is managed by the OSL Team.

If you wish us to change anything to your page, please let us know (

Please note that the pages can have different translations: English, French and German (top left corner). If you wish to have all your information available in these languages, please send us a version in each language. If you do not send us the translations, the text you have sent us will be the default in every language (which is of course perfectly fine if you wish it that way). e-mail address

Only for associations: If you would like a “” e-mail-address, please inform the Office of Student Life (OSL) Team (, we will introduce a request for you to the IT service.

Please note that this is a distribution list, i.e. all recipients will receive the e-mail on their e-mail-accounts but you cannot answer as “

If there are any changes to be made to this e-mail-address (adding/removing someone), please let us know and we will request the changes to be made.

Letters / Post

If your association is officially recognized by the University and the address of your ASBL is at the 2, Avenue de l’Université (Maison du Savoir), your mail will arrive in the Office of Student Life (OSL).

You can come get these letters in our office regularly. We will also bring them to the Presidents’ Meetings.

If you require other letters or packages to be delivered, you can of course also use this address. Please check with us beforehand if it is a voluminous package.

Changes in the association or club

1) clubs

Please signal any changes to your club to the Office of Student Life (OSL,

2) associations

If there are any changes in your association’s:

  • board members
  • name
  • address
  • statutes
  • bank information

you have to contact three instances:

  1. Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) to update the ASBL
  2. Registre des Bénéficiaires Effectifs (RBE) to update the ASBL’s beneficiaries
  3. Office of Student Life (OSL, to update the University’s database as well as, if necessary, the website

Important! If you have an e-mail-address, please do also inform the OSL about the members that should be added and/or removed from this address.

Training (a.s.b.l.)

You can receive training on how to manage an ASBL via: