Lëtzebuerg Literatur(en)

Date(s) - 31/01/2024
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Since 2010, it has been a tradition at the Kulturfabrik to organise a reading evening dedicated to literary text production made in Luxembourg in parallel to the other literary events. Half a dozen published authors read from their works in the large hall of the Kulturfabrik. As always, the national literary archive from Mersch is the partner of this popular, multilingual event.

More information: https://kulturfabrik.lu/event/letzebuerger-literaturen-2

The Authors: 

  • Guy Helminger
  • Luce van den Bossche
  • Jean-Paul Gomez
  • Fabienne Faust
  • Ian De Toffoli fir Jean Sorrente
  • Samuel Hamen

Guy Helminger (*1963 Esch / Alzette) has lived in Cologne since 1985. His work has earned him the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize, the Prix Servais, the 3sat Prize, the Dresden Poetry Prize, the Merano Poetry Prize and the Gustav Regler Prize, among others.
Latest publications: Le bruit des natures mortes. Stories 2023 ; Madame Köpenick. Théâtre 2022 ; Bruit. Roman 2021 ; L’affaire Lombardi. Roman 2020 ; Les constructions en argile de la lumière. Notes et photos du Yémen, 2019 ; Les journaux des sapins. Poèmes, 2018.

Luce van den Bossche is mainly a poet and currently lives in Luxembourg.

John-Paul Gomez
John-Paul Gomez was born in the US state of Colorado and has lived in Luxembourg since 2007. He works as an author and language trainer and founded the satirical blog Luxembourg Wurst in 2017, which can also be seen weekly on RTL Today. In 2021, his short story collection The Idiot of St Benedict won first place in the national literary competition. The collection was published by Black Fountain Press in 2023.

Fabienne Faust  
The author was born in Luxembourg on 11 February 1978. She studied literature in York and Bologna. Mainly known for her poetry collections, Tu veux danser, Editions Phi, 2014, Hier – ein Fehlen, Editions Phi, 2020 and Journeys in High Five, Black Fountain Press, 2019, the author deals with topics such as alienation and marginalisation in an age that is networked but characterised by social injustice. Les maisons d’en face is her first volume of prose. Fabienne Faust teaches English at a grammar school in the capital.

Jean Sorrente
The writer Jean Sorrente, whose name refers to the place where Virgil made a sacrifice to the goddess Venus so that she would allow him to complete the Aeneid, is a novelist, poet and essayist who questions the links between reality and fiction and puts the structures of narrative to the test. In 1998, his novel Le Vol de l’aube was awarded the Prize of the Free Academy of Belgium, and in 2003 he received the Servais Prize for Et donc tout un roman.

Samuel Hamen lives and works as a freelance writer and literary critic in Diekirch and Heidelberg. He writes in German and Luxembourgish and has received numerous awards for his work. His most recent publications are the novel Wie die Fliegen (diaphanes, Zurich, 2023) and the speech on literature entitled Verhaltensweisen (Centre national de littérature, Mersch, 2024). In December 2023, the operetta De Geescht oder D’Mumm Séis premiered at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg in a production by Jacques Schiltz.